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with your machine learning models

It should come as no surprise that working with AI and Machine Learning means working with lots of data. With Dash, you can create customizable web analytic apps that make sense of all of your complex data and present it in a way that is easily understood.

Detect objects with confidence

This object-detection app visualizes what's happening inside a video in real-time. The data is generated using MobileNet v1 in Tensorflow, trained on the COCO dataset. The video is displayed using the community-maintained video component.

Explore support vector machines

You can visualize, monitor and track supervised learning models with Dash. This app lets you explore with UI input parameters.


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Dash lets you visualize your models

Develop interactive web applications, dashboards and reports.  Easily customize apps designs, layouts and interactive elements.

Input datasets in AI development are often high-dimensional, making reviewing these datasets, well, confusing. With data viz tools like Dash, developers are able to better understand relationships within high-dimensional datasets.

Developers often need to evaluate how well a model is performing at its designated task. With Dash, they can easily visualize datasets and understand what the system has learned in order to improve it.

Provide point-and-click access to data, enabling others to interact with underlying models and without the need to understand the algorithms.

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Data visualization uses algorithms to create images from data so humans can understand and respond to that data more effectively. Artificial intelligence development is the quest for algorithms that can “understand” and respond to data the same was as a human can — or better.


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