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Dash enables data scientists and process engineers to develop interactive analytic web apps that empower the field. With Dash, you’re able to turn complex data and information into interactive dashboards, reports and digestible visualizations that can be understood and actioned on by all stakeholders.

Visualize and understand oil production

Complex data comes to life with apps that help end users make informed decisions and work more efficiently. This Dash app enables users to manipulate and understand oil production from various wells in western New York.

Enable real-time updates

With direct linkage to a remote database, you can enable scheduled or real-time app updates, enabling your end users to work more efficiently. This Dash app links with a remote SQL database to enable users to drill down into detailed flight information based on the latest data.


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Develop interactive web applications, dashboards and reports
Facilitate performance planning, support, decision-making, recommend best-practices, and suggest probabilistic roadmaps.
Control access and provide specialized views to display only what key stakeholders need to see, leaving out the rest.
Provide point and click access to data and the underlying models.
Easily customize app designs, layouts, and interactive elements.

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