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When it comes to finance, numbers (and data), are everything. From providing detailed performance reports to giving your team the ability to interact with complex financial models, it’s more important than ever to make data and insight easily available and understandable. But,  that’s not always so easy. With Dash, you can create interactive and customizable analytic apps and customized reports and dashboards, ready to be shared and deployed at any scale.

Deliver customized, interactive reporting

Delivering interactive reports enables your end users to interact with and explore the data, leading to greater insight. With this Dash app, you can hover over points to see their values and zoom into regions. Since this report was built with Dash, you could include even more interactive elements, like a dropdown or a search box.

Bring models from desktop to production

Sharing access to models enables others in your company to quickly understand options and trade-offs. Here, a Dash app was created to provide direct access to trading models, giving all teams the ability to modify model parameters, explore various “what-if” scenarios, and make informed decisions.


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Improve data sharing and discoverability to help key holders make important decisions with interactive, easy-to-understand visuals

Visualize and easily identify industry trends and get more insight into your financial reporting

Easily build complex reports that can be shared as an interactive web page, PDF document or even presentation slides

Interactive web analytics enable end users to look at what-if scenarios, explore options and understand trade-offs and even generate custom point-in-time report views for storing or sharing

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S&P Global Market Intelligence announced today the latest enhancement to its RatingsDirect (RD) platform. A new page called Monitor will feature visually interactive and intuitive ways for end users to receive information that is relevant to the companies in their investment and counterparty portfolios. Clients can calibrate their watchlist along four multi-dimensional attributes to gauge credit risk against market value.


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