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From production lines to warehouse management, being able to efficiently view manufacturing data is crucial for understanding costs, production status, decision-making, and more. With Dash, you can build beautiful, interactive web apps that turn your data into comprehensible visualizations.

Increase efficiency and quality

Dash enables teams to build and deploy analytic web apps

Increase efficiency – and quality

A dashboard for monitoring read-time process quality along manufacture production line.

With Dash, you get full control

Develop interactive web applications, dashboards and reports

Quickly and easily convey production status to management, supervisors, and operational personnel to assist with decision-making

Receive and deliver insight into production costs, inventory, and warehouse management

Ensure employee safety by monitoring incidents and working conditions


With DashDAQ, you can build next-generation engineering applications in Python. Add supercharged components to all of your Dash apps, like gauges, knobs, toggle switches, color pickers, progress bars, and more. Its engineering – modernized.

Function generator
IV tracer
Ocean optics
Sparki control panel
Robotic arm edge

Function generator and oscilloscope control panel

This DashDAQ application facilitates control of the Tektronix TDS350 oscilloscope.

IV tracer

This app uses graphic elements of Dash DAQ to create an interface for an IV curve tracer using a Keithley 2400 SourceMeter.

Ocean optics

This app was created to act as an interface for an Ocean Optics spectrometer.

Sparki control panel

This app was made to control Sparki, an arduino powered.robot. Sparki is controlled wirelessly.

Robotic arm edge

Dash DAQ’s GUI components let you interface with all the robot’s motors and LED, even from a mobile device.

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