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With so many different types of biological data, organizing and visualizing it all can be a challenge. With Dash, the pharmaceutical and bioinformatics industries can take crucial scientific data and turn it into transparent visualizations. From drug discovery to understanding biological information, Dash has you covered.

Clinical trial information

This app visualizes a Mayo clinical trial in primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). Collected from a total of 312 PBC patients, for the randomized placebo controlled trial of the drug D-penicillamine.

View and render molecules

Speck is a WebGL-based molecule renderer. By using ambient occlusion, the resolution of the rendering does not suffer as you zoom in.


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As bioinformaticians find themselves faced with increasingly staggering volumes of data, they need tools that allow for at-a-glance communication of what’s really important. Dash Bio, a specialized library for Dash, you’ll have access to premium UI components for building your Dash apps.

Alignment Viewer
Volcano plot

Alignment Viewer

View multiple sequence alignments of genomic or proteomic sequences.


A powerful visualization that highlights correlated data with a heatmap and dendrograms.


Visualize and analyze similarities and differences between genes in a single plot, using the powerful Circos graph.


Compare and analyze chromosome bands with the Dash Ideogram.

Volcano plot

Interactively identify clinically meaningful markers in genomic experiments.

With Dash, you get full control

Develop interactive web applications, dashboards and reports. Easily customize apps designs, layouts and interactive elements

Analyze results from experimental research, clinical trials, and more to aid in decision-making and assist with drawing conclusions

Leverage Dash for dendrograms, heatmaps, volcano plots, and other visualizations common in this field

Efficiently view and share data for drug discovery, patient analysis, and more

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A recent study published in Nature, the international scientific journal, utilizes a machine learning tool built with Dash by an MIT Researcher for scientists editing genes with CRISPR.

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