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Filter in plotly.js

How to use D3.js-based Filters in Plotly.js.

var subject = ['Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly']
var score = [1,6,2,8,2,9,4,5,1,5,2,8]

var data = [{
  type: 'scatter',
  x: subject,
  y: score,
  mode: 'markers',
  transforms: [{
    type: 'filter',
    target: 'y',
    operation: '>',
    value: 4

var layout = {
	title: 'Filter Scores > 4'

Plotly.plot('graph', data, layout)
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