Slide Decks for Effectively Communicating Data

Send online slide decks with interactive charts to your customers, shareholders, and team.

A drag-and-drop editor that feels like Keynote

Making slide decks with interactive graphs is easy:

  1. Download our free slide deck editor.
  2. Embed interactive graphs in the slide deck.
  3. Optionally upload the slide deck to to share and present.

Presentation charts that update in real-time

Charts and data automatically update inside your slide deck when you re-save the chart in Python, R, or Chart Studio. Import charts once, then update the data after the slide deck is published.

Present data clearly

Above all else, show the data.
- Edward Tufte

Minimalist by design, Plotly slide decks and the templates below are optimized to clearly present interactive charts, tables, and data. 

Present financials clearly

Present board slides, fund performance, and sales pipelines like it is 2020 with interactive charts, web sharing, and refreshing minimalism. Plotly charts export to Web embeds and PDF, so you can use the same platform for both Web and print publication.

Present science clearly

Plotly has the most advanced, publication-quality charting library for the sciences:

  • Vector export, LaTeX annotations, and Web-based interactivity come with all charts.
  • Charts can be composed in Python, R, MATLAB, or the online GUI.
  • Charts and data are always linked, so colleagues can automatically access your data.

Present branding clearly

Plotly charts and slide decks bring your brand into a modern, lightweight, Web-based experience.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest financial and governmental organizations overhaul their reporting and presentations process and technology with custom branded templates.

Present research clearly

For academics and quantitative consultants, a short slide deck can be an ideal way to share research, publications, and online presence.

Present your business clearly

Nothing in a pitch deck or sales report is more important than clearly showing the numbers.

Present to your board clearly

Use the same template that Plotly uses for its quarterly board meetings.

Present analysis clearly

Display analysis in code blocks next to charts.

Create Slide Decks with Markdown and Python

Write your slide deck as markdown then, save to plotly (cloud or on-premises) with our Python API.

Need a boost? We can help you create your first on-brand template and automate the process in Python.

Open Source

Constantly improving with open source

Plotly slide decks are based on Spectacle by Formidable Labs, the most popular presentation library for React.