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Pie Charts in Pandas

How to make interactive Pie charts in Cufflinks with Plotly. Two examples of Pie charts with Pandas and Cufflinks.

Pie Charts in Cufflinks

In [1]:
import cufflinks as cf
import pandas as pd


datagen can now generate a DataFrame with the structured required for a pie charts

In [2]:
labels values
0 ZDS.FY 70
1 RPF.JV 20
2 ACC.UM 17
3 NCY.LC 76
4 EIK.JE 99

iplot now accepts the paramter kind=pie to generate a pie chart

labels indicates the column that contains the category labels, and values indicates the column that contain the values to be charted

In [3]:

Extra parameters can also be passed

  • sort: If True it sorts the labels by value
  • pull: Pulls the slices from the centre
  • hole: Sets the size of the inner hole
  • textposition: Sets the position of the legends for each slice ('outside'|'inside')
  • textinfo: Sets the information to be displayed on the legends
In [4]:
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