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Visualize Data, Together

Plotly is the state of the art in data viz, dashboards, and collaborative analysis.

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Compatible with a variety of tools

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A GitHub for data scientists

Never share charts or data by email again.

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Journalist Mathematician Designer

A new generation of data scientists

Prefers open-source, powerful programmatic tools like R and Python over 'Big BI' software.
Plotly is adding easy online sharing and world-class visualization to this ecosystem.

Success stories

Goji Insurance

Before Plotly, we were entangled in an enterprise BI quagmire. Our system was large, expensive to maintain in both time and effort, and slow to adapt to our fast-changing needs. Plotly was the "big BI" killer we had been waiting for.

C-12 Energy

Plotly is at the center of our business development platform, and serves as a starting point for modeling and fitting tools. We can quickly comprehend and analyze huge amounts of data, and use the results to make multi-million-dollar investment decisions.