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Aerospace Analytics

Plotly brings dashboards and collaborative analytics to the aerospace industry for teams using MATLAB, Python, R, and Excel.

Dashboards and cloud collaboration in the aerospace industry

Users of MATLAB, Python, and Excel within the aerospace industry benefit from Plotly's cross-platform sharing and best-in-class scientific graphics.

Collaboration between MATLAB and Python

The technical computing team at Aerospace Corporation uses Plotly to share data and figures between MATLAB and Python users without email.

Research and teaching at Air Force Institute of Technology

Plotly acts as a "Sharepoint for engineers" at AFIT, helping build institutional memory and share results among researchers, students and teachers.

Dashboards of Satellite Data

Aerospace engineers stream data to web dashboards using Plotly's APIs for MATLAB and Python.

NASA Cube Satellite

Dr. Carl Brandon launched one of NASA's cube satellites and has analyzed its progress in orbit with the help of Plotly. Plotly graphs have tracked the satellite's eccentricitiy, inclination, and mean motion in a 3-y axis plot over time.
Plotly was key for getting NASA approval to launch a CubeSat for space exploration.
- Professor Carl Brandon, Vermont Technical College in NASA Cube Satellite

3D Flightpaths in Plotly and MATLAB

Plotly has the most advanced graphing library among aerospace vendors. Create dashboards and reports with MATLAB and Python that are publishable to corporate intranet as well as print.

Sensor streaming at Air Force Hackathon

Plotly helped sponsor and instruct at the first ever US Air Force Hackathon. Participants were taught how to stream data from Arduino sensors to Plotly graphs.

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.