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Automotive Analytics

Plotly is the leading solution in the automotive industry for D3.js dashboards and collaborative analytics. Easily share your engineering analysis across MATLAB, Python, and Excel teams.

As a team of engineers who build race cars, Dartmouth Formula Racing is drawn to Plotly as a tool to share vehicle and test data with teammates anywhere, at any time, and to promote our vehicles’ performance with clear, captivating graphics.
- Ben Parker, Dartmouth Formula 1 Racing

Dashboards for vehicle sensors, manufacturing, and racing results

Plotly's interactive D3.js charts are used by automotive manufacturers and racing teams to explore, monitor, and analyze sensor channels from vehicle fleets and manufacturing lines.

Optimizing Race car performance for NASCAR

A leading US NASCAR team used Plotly to replace desktop-based MATLAB dashboards with web-based ones.

Analyzing sensor and manufacturing data in R and Python

Plotly's clients for R and Python convert ggplot2 and matplotlib figures to interactive D3.js charts. These documents are the most popular way for data scientists and engineers to share their analysis with the rest of the company.

Control design in Python, MATLAB, and Plotly

Plotly has popular API clients for MATLAB and Python - the technical computing workhorses of the automotive industry.

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.