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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Desktop BI with point-and-click GUI tools is dying. In today's world of big data, only the flexibility and speed of scripting tools - R, IPython notebook, and MATLAB - can answer business' most important questions. Plotly provides the world's most advanced web plots for dashboards and reporting with these tools.

Plotly is a breath of fresh air in a BI space has become bloated, noisy, frustrating, and inflexible. It embraces increasingly dominant open source data analysis tools such as IPython, and is embeddable wherever HTML is served.
- Goji, world's leading provider of automobile insurance

The New BI Stack for Data Scientists

Front end

Data scientists share the results to the rest of their company through Plotly's best-in-class visualization tools and social platform.

Back end

Data scientists at the world's top companies combine and analyze the data in R, IPython Notebook, MATLAB, and Julia.

Data store

Today's business data exists in a variety of structured and unstructured sources.

The Future of BI

The top performing BI teams prefer nimble scripting languages like Python or R over expensive point-and-click GUI tools. Read this customer story on Goji for more on how to deploy Plotly for business intelligence.
Real backends like Python and R let companies answer tomorrow's questions instead of recreating yesterday's demo.
- Fernando Perez, creator of IPython notebook and Plotly advisor

Client reporting at Likeable Advertising has always been a very manual process. The team had to download data from our Ad Serving Platform, import it into Excel, and run custom VBA macros to generate each individual Excel report, which would then be emailed to the client every few days. When we found, we were able to completely revamp our reporting process. Using Python, Plotly and Pandas, we created a brand new reporting portal where clients could view up-to-date campaign performance data in beautifully designed, custom dashboards. We were finally able to provide the real-time visibility our clients were asking for without wasting our team's precious time manually generating hundreds of Excel reports each week.
- Noel Ledesma, Director of Operations at Likeable Advertising

Analyze Salesforce data in IPython notebook

Scripting languages like R and Python that can read from both databases and APIs are the new cutting edge of business intelligence. This IPython notebook uses the Salesforce and Plotly Python clients to analyze sales performance.

Analyzing Redshift data in IPython notebook

Bill Chambers, a graduate student at UC Berkeley's iSchool, uses the AWS Python API and Plotly to download, plot, and analyze data stored in Amazon Redshift. See the IPython notebook linked below.

Live-streaming dashboards on mobile, tablet, or laptop

Using Plotly Enterprise and the Plotly Python client, Goji has built a suite of internal dashboards to share sales performance across the company. Because Plotly uses 100% web native tech, the dashboards are viewable on mobile and tablet with no extra work.

Analyzing lift ticket sales with IPython notebook and Plotly

Liftopia uses Plotly, IPython notebook, and Pandas to track lift ticket sales at various ski resorts.
At Liftopia, we need to be able to communicate complex data in a clear and understandable manner for our partners. Plotly helps us deliver on this while giving us the ability to collaborate on the visualizations internally and externally. Plotly has absolutely changed the way we communicate with data.
- Otto Stegmaier, Liftopia

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.