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Government and Civic Data Analytics

Plotly partners with government agencies globally to help them better share their to data to the public. Plotly's On-Premise products also help modernize data-driven reporting within government agencies while keeping data security paramount.

Making public data more accessible

Plotly is disseminating best-in-class stats and visualization tools to anyone with an Internet connection.

With the rise of free, public datasets on government programs and performance, any global citizen can join data-driven discussions on government programs, policy and spending.

Plotly has partnered with the US federal government's open data program,, to enable one-click export of datasets into Plotly for visualization and sharing. is proud to announce integration with [Plotly] - making it possible to create graphs and dynamic maps with open government data in one click.
Plotly makes it easy to share and edit your work privately, with your co-workers, or the world. There is so much to learn from open government data and we are happy to feature tools like Plotly and CartoDB that make it easier for everyone to become a data scientist.
- press release

Crowd sourcing climate change data

Plotly was chosen as one of the key technology platforms for the US Climate Data Initiative. See the full press release here.
[...] Plotly will also challenge its hundreds of thousands of users to find new ways to analyze and visualize these datasets with the goal of gaining new insights about how climate change affects human health.
- White house press release

Atmospheric modeling at NOAA

Scientists employed government research agencies NOAA and NASA to use Plotly with IPython notebook for climate change modeling, satellite monitoring, and intraorganization data sharing.

Baltimore Vital Signs Dataset

Justin Elszasz, researcher at Navigant, analyzed the Baltimore Vital Signs data set with PCA analysis in IPython notebook. The scatter plot at the right clusters Baltimore neighborhoods by similar Vital Signs metrics.

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