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Plotly allows online reporters to make D3.js graphs without coding, for free, and the graphs are optimized for mobile and fluid/responsive layouts.

Used by some of the world's largest digital news outlets

Plotly allows online reporters to make D3.js graphs without coding, for free, and the graphs are optimized for mobile and fluid/responsive layouts.
I use plotly for my articles because of how easily the API integrates with my data story workflow. It takes the dataviz I created in R, adds interactivity, and gives me code I can quickly embed into my article on deadline.
- Andrew Tran, reporter at Boston Globe

A GUI for D3.js

Everyone knows that D3.js is the gold-standard for interactive graphics on the web. Plotly allows news outlets to rapidly create D3.js graphs without needing programmers, like this one in the Washington Post.
Plotly is my absolute favorite way to communicate data and complex ideas to my readers.
-Dylan Matthews, Columnist, Washington Post

Graphs optimized for fluid layout and mobile

Unlike Tableau graphs, Plotly graphs use 100% web-native technologies that display on mobile and respond to fluid layouts. See this article in VICE for example.
Plotly gives me the opportunity to easily share complicated data in a visually appealing way. It's easier to use than its offline competitors, it works in the cloud, and in the end I manage to get a point across more effectively because of it.
- Thijs Roes, Amsterdam reporter for Vice

With Plotly charts, GTM clients and readers have more access to our data than ever before. Plotly increases user engagement, an important metric for us as a media and research company.
- Mike Munsell
Manager, Research Marketing
GreenTech Media Research

Whitelabel Platforms with Plotly Enterprise

Want to run Plotly on your own servers? Plotly helps digital news outlets deploy Plotly Enterprise servers with their own branding and user experience.

Increase engagement and time-on-site with interactive graphs

Plotly graphs are drawn in D3.js and are fully interactive - zoom, hover text, pan, and line toggling all come for free.
When I create a graph, I am looking for a platform that has two things: it should be easy and it should look nice. Plotly does both of these things and more. Plotly offers two more features that are great for my readers: interactive graphs and access to the original data. Plotly is a great tool to effectively communicate scientific ideas.
- Rhett Allain, Science Writer at Wired

Plotly Pew Research graph collection

Curious how publication-quality, interactive graphs look in Plotly? Explore Plotly's collection of Pew Research graphs for inspiration.

Interactive maps like the New York Times

Plotly has the most fully featured D3.js map editor available online. Plotly maps are all drawn with D3.js, the same Javascript library used by the New York Times.

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.