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Pharma Analytics, Life Sciences & Computational Biology

Graphing and dashboards for bioinformatics, collaborative analytics, and the modern life sciences.

Lifecode's research team shares and visualizes data with Plotly's Python API. Plotly is emerging as the leading cloud platform for visualization in computational biology.
- Chris Rivest, Lifecode CEO

Scientific-grade graphs and dashboard tools

Plotly has unparalleled capability when it comes to importing data from MATLAB, R, Excel, and other formats popular in the life sciences. Create and work independently with different graph layers, combine them into composite graphs, and export for print or web publication in any image format.

Monitoring sea turtle migrations with Plotly and MATLAB

Project Leatherback analyzes data from sensors attached to migrating sea turtles in MATLAB, then publishes the results with Plotly.
We are a small non profit in Florida studying endangered leatherback sea turtles. Each summer we track these animals using a bunch of tech (GPS, VHF tags, IMU's and depth/temperature loggers) as they travel the coast between nesting events. We are hoping to post most of our data online with Plotly so others can can view and play with the data.
- Chris Johsnon, Project Leatherback lead

Dashboards for bioinformatics

Plotly.js makes it easy to build scientific-grade dashboards in D3.js without JavaScript programming expertise.
Smpl Bio aims to simplify experimental design for biologists and geneticists by providing easy to use tools and visualizations. We were searching for a visualization platform that looked great for the end user but was also intuitive for the developer. Plotly easily filled both of those requirements, its unified interface and documentation lets us focus on our core algorithm development.
- James, SMPL BIO

Publishing R and ggplot graphs to the web

Plotly collaborates with rOpenSci on ggplotly - An open-source R library that redraws ggplot figures in D3.js for web publishability, interactivity, and easy sharing.
Plotly provides R users with stunning interactive visualizations made exceedingly simple by leveraging ggplot2's syntax that is already available to a large group of researchers.
- Karthik Ram, ROpenSci Founder and BIDS Data Science Fellow

Built for scientists

Plotly's online web app supports all the features popular in Minitab and OriginLab:

• LaTeX typesetting
• Error bars
• Regression analysis
• Statistics
• Powerpoint export
Plotly helps me analyze and plot my data easily, with flexible options and high quality. It's easy to access, edit, and share with others. Plotly's support team is extremely responsive.
- Mingzhang Yang, Visiting Fellow researcher at NIH

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.