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Comparing WebGL vs SVG in Python

Comparing WebGL with Scattergl() to SVG with Scatter() in Python with Plotly.

Comparing Scatter Plots with 75,000 Random Points

Now in Ploty you can implement WebGL with Scattergl() in place of Scatter()
for increased speed, improved interactivity, and the ability to plot even more data!


In [1]:
import plotly.graph_objects as go

import numpy as np

N = 75000

fig = go.Figure()
        x = np.random.randn(N),
        y = np.random.randn(N),
        mode = 'markers',
        marker = dict(
            line = dict(
                width = 1,
                color = 'DarkSlateGrey')

fig.update_layout(title_text = 'WebGL')