Plotly for Javascript and React

Create sophisticated, interactive charts in JavaScript for finance, engineering, and the sciences.

Plotly’s JavaScript library is free, open-source, and does not require an online account. Download today on GitHub.

Create sophisticated charts for the Web with minimal JavaScript experience

Every major company in Science, Engineering, and Finance is moving their software to the Web. Plotly provides the Web data visualization technology supporting this trend.

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Champion Performance

Plotly.js leverages WebGL to plot >1 million points in under four seconds for common chart types.

React Components for Data Visualization

Instantly add Plotly.js charts and pivot tables to your app with our drop-in React components - the same components used in our Chart Studio and Plotly dashboards.

Collaborate with Designers

Design your charts by clicking through Chart Studio’s GUI, then export the JavaScript code to publish the charts on your website.

Open Source

Help Steer the Roadmap

Have a big idea for a data visualization web app? We can help.

Plotly’s charting library has been developed in partnership with leading financial, pharmaceutical, governmental, and academic institutions.