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Mixed Subplots in plotly.js

How to make Mixed Subplots in javascript.

Plotly.d3.csv('', function(err, rows){
      function unpack(rows, key) {
          return { return row[key]; });
var trace1 = {
  x: unpack(rows, 'Status'), 
  y: unpack(rows, 'Type'), 
  z: unpack(rows, 'Elev'), 
  marker: {
    size: 2,
    color: unpack(rows, 'Elev'),
    colorscale: 'Reds',
    line: {color: 'transparent'}
  mode: 'markers', 
  type: 'scatter3d',
  text: unpack(rows, 'Country'),
  hoverinfo: 'x+y+z+text',
  showlegend: false

var x = unpack(rows, 'Elev');
var trace2 = {
    x: unpack(rows, 'Elev'),
    type: 'histogram',
    hoverinfo: 'x+y',
    showlegend: false,
    xaxis: 'x2',  
    yaxis: 'y2',
	 marker: {
		 color: 'red'

var trace3 = {
    geo: 'geo3',
    locationmode: 'world',
    lon: unpack(rows, 'Longitude'),
    lat: unpack(rows, 'Latitude'),
    hoverinfo:  'text',
    text:  unpack(rows, 'Elev'),
    mode: 'markers',
    showlegend: false,
    marker: {
      size: 4,
      color: unpack(rows, 'Elev'),
      colorscale: 'Reds',
      opacity: 0.8,
      symbol: 'circle',
      line: {
        width: 1

var data = [trace1, trace2, trace3];

var layout = {
      paper_bgcolor: 'black',
      plot_bgcolor: 'black',
      title: 'Volcano Database: Elevation',
      font: {color: 'white'},
      colorbar: true,
      annotations: [{
         x: 0,
         y: 0,
         xref: 'paper',
         yref: 'paper',
         text: 'Source: NOAA',
         showarrow: false
      geo3: {
        domain: {
      x: [0, 0.45], 
      y: [0.02, 0.98]
        scope: 'world',
        projection: {
          type: 'orthographic'
        showland: true,
        showocean: true,
        showlakes: true,
        landcolor: 'rgb(250,250,250)',
        lakecolor: 'rgb(127,205,255)',
        oceancolor: 'rgb(6,66,115)',
        subunitcolor: 'rgb(217,217,217)',
        countrycolor: 'rgb(217,217,217)',
        countrywidth: 0.5,
        subunitwidth: 0.5,
        bgcolor: 'black'
	scene: {domain: {
      x: [0.55, 1], 
      y: [0, 0.6]
         xaxis: {title: 'Status',
                 showticklabels: false,
                 showgrid: true,
                 gridcolor: 'white'},
         yaxis: {title: 'Type',
                 showticklabels: false,
                 showgrid: true,
                 gridcolor: 'white'},
         zaxis: {title: 'Elev',
                 showgrid: true,
                 gridcolor: 'white'}
	yaxis2: {
		anchor: 'x2', 
      domain: [0.7, 1],
      showgrid: false
	xaxis2: {
      tickangle: 45,
      anchor: 'y2',
	  ticksuffix: 'm',
      domain: [0.6, 1]},
Plotly.plot(myDiv, data, layout, {showLink: false});

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