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Troubleshooting in Python

How to troubleshoot import and rendering problems in Plotly with Python.

Version Problems

In order to follow the examples in this documentation, you should have the latest version of plotly installed (4.x), as detailed in the Getting Started guide. This documentation (under is incompatible with plotly version 3.x, for which the documentation is available under

Import Problems

Most import problems or AttributeErrors can be traced back to having multiple versions of plotly installed, for example once with conda and once with pip. It's often worthwhile to uninstall with both methods before following the Getting Started instructions from scratch with one or the other. You can run the following commands in a terminal to fully remove plotly before installing again:

$ conda uninstall plotly
$ pip remove plotly

Jupyter Notebook Classic Problems

The classic Jupyter Notebook (i.e. launched with jupyter notebook) sometimes suffers from a problem whereby if you close the window and reopen it, your plots render as blank spaces. The easiest solution is to run "Restart & Clear Output" from the Kernel menu and rerun your notebook.

If rerunning your notebook is prohibitive, you may safely run the following code in a Notebook (not in JupyterLab!) at any time and it should restore your figures:

import as pio

JupyterLab Problems

In order to use plotly in JupyterLab, you must have the extensions installed as detailed in the Getting Started guide. Please note that the extension version matters: the extension versions in the Getting Started guide match the version of plotly at the top of the guide and so they should be installed together. Note also that these extensions are meant to work with JupyterLab 1.x and not 0.x.

If you are having problems in JupyterLab, a good first step is to check that you have the extensions installed by running uninstall/reinstall the extensions.

To list your current extensions, run the following command in a terminal shell:

$ jupyter labextension list

To uninstall your plotly extensions, run the following commands in a terminal shell before reinstalling them by following the instructions in the Getting Started guide:

$ jupyter labextension uninstall jupyterlab-plotly
$ jupyter labextension uninstall plotlywidget
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