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Comparing Plotly and Tableau

Plotly is purpose-built BI. We specialize in the collaboration and visualization layer of the data science spectrum, while easily connecting to tools that BI specialists like: R, Python, and Excel.

A New Generation of Data Scientists

Plotly works with modern data science workflows that use R, Python, and MATLAB - the data science triumvirate that has taken engineering and business analytics by storm.

Plotly is equally accessible to non-coders within your organization, allowing easy online Excel file upload, database connection, and dashboard creation.

Collaboration: A GitHub for Data

Plotly is the only collaborative business intelligence platform. Instead of creating an analysis and sharing through email, data scientists that use Plotly share entirely through Plotly’s online platform. Charts, datasets, and IPython notebooks (coming soon) are shared with simple, permissions-controlled URL links. Data scientists that use R, Python, and MATLAB can collaborate between languages without email, and share their work to managers, clients, and technicians that don’t know how to code.

Better Graphics

Plotly uses web-native D3.js for all of its graphics - the same library used by the New York Times. Traditionally only accessible to expert JavaScript developers, Plotly makes D3.js charts and dashboards easy to create by Excel users, SQL database connectors, Python, R, and MATLAB.

100% Web-based Dashboards

No downloads, no different versions for different operating systems, and mobile-ready. Plotly works 100% in the browser.

Open-source at the core

Plotly’s core technology and graphing library (Plotly.js), dashboard product, and documentation is entirely open-source, ensuring gold-standard quality and software review for decades. Plotly is proud to use and support an enormous ecosystem of open-source scientific tools that are advancing data science in the browser environment.

Before Plotly, we were entangled in an enterprise BI quagmire. Our system was large, expensive to maintain in both time and effort, and slow to adapt to our fast-changing needs. Plotly was the “big BI” killer we had been waiting for.
- Goji Insurance
At Olark, allows us to rapidly visualize our data and build easy-to-share, interactive dashboards. This all came at an orders of magnitude lower price than full-fledged business intelligence solutions and seamlessly integrated with our existing analysis pipelines.
- Olark

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.