Modern Visualization for the Data Era

Plotly creates leading open source tools for composing, editing, and sharing interactive data visualization via the Web.

Our collaboration servers (available in cloud or on premises) allow data scientists to showcase their work, make graphs without coding, and collaborate with business analysts, designers, executives, and clients.

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Chart Studio
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Chart Studio

Make charts online

Chart Studio

The most advanced online environment for collaboratively creating, editing, and designing D3.js charts and maps.

Make D3 charts entirely without code by uploading a CSV file or connect to a SQL database through Falcon. You can also make charts with Python or R, then import them into the chart studio for touch-ups and sharing.

Once you’ve created a chart, they can be easily shared with a designer for touch-ups, added to a dashboard, or exported into a slide deck.

White Label

White labeled data visualization platform

Add Plotly’s best-in-class chart editor and dashboards to your own analytics products.

Through our open source toolkits or a Plotly Enterprise server, your product’s data visualization tools will be seamless with its brand and lightyears beyond the competition.


Next level visual analytics

Dashboards are so 2010. Dash let’s you build rich analytic web apps in only a few hundred lines of Python code.

Falcon SQL Client

Falcon is a free, open-source SQL client with inline visualization and optional data sync to (cloud or on-premises). 


An open-source company

Plotly’s team maintains the fastest growing open-source visualization libraries for R, Python, and JavaScript.

These libraries seamlessly interface with our hosting servers (cloud or on premises) for easy collaboration, code-free editing, collaboration with designers, and dashboard composition.

Our software is embedded in mission critical projects across the Fortune 500.




It’s as easy as this.

Get started now with the world’s fastest growing data visualization libraries.




And can be as advanced as this

Any chart that you could make in MATLAB, matplotlib, or ggplot2, you can make interactive with Plotly.


Case Studies

Goji Insurance

Enterprise On-Premises

Before Plotly, we were entangled in an enterprise BI quagmire. Plotly was the 'big BI' killer we had been waiting for. 



This innovative data visualization upgrade is essential for our customers to stay on top of company developments and evolving credit risk, and to make more informed and actionable decisions to meet their needs. We partnered with, a leader in this space, to pioneer a visual format that lets clients see in an instant what used to take multiple steps, and time, to pinpoint.


Dash & Plotly React

Plotly's interactive visualization is the ideal technology to match with the Alteryx platform to increase the productivity of analysts during the entire modeling process. Through visual analytics — or, visualytics, as we like to call it — we are making those thrilling discoveries all the more accessible.


Data Visualization

I welcome new apps like Plotly… that offer high flexibility with a click-and-drag interface… Creating user interfaces as powerful as code is “just” a design challenge.

C12 Energy


Plotly is at the center of our business development platform, and serves as a starting point for modeling and fitting tools. We can quickly comprehend and analyze huge amounts of data, and use the results to make multi-million-dollar investment decisions.