Modern Analytics Apps for the Enterprise

Using Dash, data scientists can achieve next level returns on enterprise data investments.

So, you've been hearing about Dash...

Some of the best ROI I've achieved for my time is from Plotly and Dash. Plotly is a major thought leader in data science right now.
Dan Kaminsky, Chief Scientist @ WhiteOps
Plotly was the big business intelligence killer we'd been waiting for.
Lead Data Scientist @ Goji Auto Insurance
Dash has given our quant team a powerful framework for next generation analytical apps.
Julio Guzman, Sr. Manager of Technology Investments @ Invesco
Plotly and Dash bring data to life: Interactive exploration tied to the source data and models pulls out insight and lets organizations maximize ROI.
Fernando Pérez, co-founder of Project Jupyter and Plotly Advisor
Dash Apps
Chart Studio
Online Reports
Dash Apps

Dash Apps

Build beautiful web-based interfaces in Python

A Python framework for building analytics web apps.

Dash lets you make rich analytics web apps with only a few hundred lines of Python code. No JavaScript required.

Embedded BI

Embedded BI

Add best-in-class data visualization to your products.

Through a custom Dash app or Chart Studio Enterprise OEM license, add best-in-class data visualization to your products.


Beautiful web apps in Python

Dash lets you build rich analytic web apps in only a few hundred lines of Python code. No JavaScript required.


An open-source company

Plotly’s team maintains the fastest growing open-source visualization libraries for R, Python, and JavaScript.

These libraries seamlessly interface with our hosting servers (cloud or on premises) for easy collaboration, code-free editing, collaboration with designers, and dashboard composition.

Our software is embedded in mission critical projects across the Fortune 500.




Interactive, open-source graphing is as easy as this.

Get started now with the world’s fastest growing data visualization libraries.




... And can be as advanced as this

Any chart that you could make in MATLAB, matplotlib, or ggplot2, you can make interactive with Plotly.js, Plotly.Py, and Dash.