Analyze and visualize data, together.

Plotly is a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool.

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Your workflow, all in one place.

Import and wrangle.

  • Any data format works — Excel spreadsheets, CSV, TSV, Matlab data files, MS Access, or text. If your format doesn't work, get in touch! You can always reach Plotly on twitter or feedback [at] plot [dot] ly.
  • Bring data in from anywhere: upload from your computer, copy-paste, drag and drop a file, or import from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Clean it up fast. Find and replace, convert date-time formats, interpolate, and more.

Analyze, or simulate.

  • Do the math! Apply any custom function to your data.
  • Derivatives, integrals, fits, and more.
  • Stats galore. Inferential or descriptive basic statistics, chi-squared test, T-test, and ANOVA.
  • Writing a simulation? Code up a python script or use the built-in python sandbox (you can even import any python package, like numpy, scipy, or pandas).

Graph it.

  • Scatter, line, bar, area, error bar, heatmap, box, histogram... making graphs is a snap.
  • Interactive plots let you zoom, pan, hover for data values, and more.
  • Export to PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS.
  • We've got beautiful defaults. No need to stress about colors if that's not your thing.
  • But don't worry, you've got total control. Every parameter of a graph's appearance can be adjusted.

Share and collaborate.

  • Share and edit your data, graphs and scripts privately with your coworkers, or show the world.
  • Discuss your projects with your team, and get feedback from your teacher or boss.
  • Stay up-to-date with unobtrusive notifications.
  • Version control has your back when things go wrong.
  • The Plotly community is growing! Profiles and search are coming soon.

Flexibility, built in.

  • Creature of habit when it comes to code? No problem. You can make shareable, beautiful, interactive graphs in your browser from the comfort of your desktop with our APIs for Python, MATLAB, R, Julia, REST, Arduino, or Perl.
  • You can use the Arduino and REST APIs to stream data from hardware devices, too.
  • Secure and privacy-conscious. Built with secure websockets, https, and Amazon S3.
  • Need consistent graph styling? Save a plot theme and apply the look and feel you want, whenever.
  • Plotly is still evolving, so if your needs aren't met, drop us a line.

For scientists, students, engineers, analysts, and you.

Professor Carl Brandon Vermont Technical College

“Plotly was key for getting NASA approval to launch a CubeSat for space exploration.”

Dr. Michael Frank 2011 Recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

“I am using the Plotly Chrome App to teach high school students how scientists really analyze and present data. This app goes well beyond anything else we have been able to find.”

Dylan Matthews Columnist, The Washington Post

“Plotly is my absolute favorite way to communicate data and complex ideas to my readers.”

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