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Build beautiful, web-based analytics applications with Dash

Dash is a framework for building analytical web applications.

No JavaScript required.

Build, Test, Deploy.

At any scale.


Dash is the fastest way to build shareable, interactive analytics apps.

Build beautiful, modern UI elements like drop-downs, sliders, and graphs around your data analytics code. No JavaScript required.

Dash enterprise offerings drive app development and deployment at scale.

Empower your teams with collaborative data workflows to design, build, and deploy analytic apps that deliver insight across the organization.

Dash Enterprise

Dash empowers data science teams to focus on the data and models, while still producing and deploying enterprise-ready apps. What would typically require a team of back-end developers, front-end developers and IT can all be done with Dash.

Share the latest data, models and information to enable discovery and decision making

Completely customize and brand every element of your application

Employ the full power of CSS without a web developer

Generate point-in-time views of reports

Code in any language—Python, R, JavaScript. Dash has you covered


Build, test, deploy

no DevOps required

Speed your time-to-delivery while providing the right resources, security, and scalability.

  • Scalable deployment server for your company’s mission critical apps
  • Single, secure development environment
  • Reliable and safe access for your stakeholders with integrated LDAP and SAML authentication
  • Develop, iterate, and share Dash apps

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Design Kit

Design like a pro

without writing a line of CSS

Easily arrange, style, and customize your Dash apps. Go from exploration to deploying beautiful, production-ready apps in no time.

  • Experiment with different layouts
  • Customizable colors, controls, headers, and navigational elements
  • Add annotations and highlight KPIs
  • Create fully responsive, mobile-friendly apps
Snapshot Engine

Share, monitor, report

no CronJobs required

Seamlessly link your analytics and reporting workflows together, giving you a fast way to generate reports of the data you need, presented in the way you need it.

  • Create reports in the form of interactive, printable PDFs or analytic web apps
  • Automate reporting and monitoring streaming data flows
  • Historical archiving, versioning, and status tracking facilitate auditing and compliance and create institutional memory

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Dash helps teams do more


Before Dash, it would take an entire team of engineers and designers to create interactive analytics apps.


Every aesthetic element of a Dash app is customizable and rendered in the web so you can employ the full power of CSS.


Dash apps require very little boilerplate to get started. A fully-functional analytics app can weigh in at just 40 lines of Python or R code.

Direct Control

Dash links interactive UI controls and displays, like sliders, dropdown menus, and graphs, to your data analytics code, giving you hands-on input for your data views.

Dash is Open Source, and Enterprise Ready

We're strong believers that the future of technical computing and business intelligence is open source. Dash is MIT licensed. Run Dash on your desktop environment for free.

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