Design Kit

Data designed your way
Never write a line of CSS or HTML

Your data. Your style.

Design Kit lets you easily arrange, style and customize your Dash apps so you can go from exploration and discovery to deploying beautiful, production-ready apps in no time.

Templates — Hello, world!
Style, color, brand
Take control... or give it
Data at a glance
Print-ready reports

Templates — Hello, world!

Sometimes we all just need a little help getting started. Design Kit lets you easily experiment with styles and layouts to get just the right look. Design Kit includes pre-built pixel-perfect templates, covering the most common app layouts, so you can get up and running even faster.

Style, color, brand

The Design Kit GUI lets you professionally style Dash apps in only a few clicks. Change colors, add logos and even control the look and feel of buttons and borders. Use the built-in themes, or adapt the theme to your company’s brand guidelines.

Take control... or give it

Design Kit allows you to elegantly group and label controls and include customizable controls, headers, and navigational elements.

Data at a glance

Design Kit includes a brand new set of sparklines and stat components to highlight your data at a glance. Use these components to display KPIs, monitor instruments, or track the performance of your models in real-time.

Print-ready reports

Design Kit includes a set of components for easily creating 8.5 × 11, print-ready reports.

What our customers are saying

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BASF, Research Scientist
I said it before, this is a great time to be a data scientist. Dash… it’s just beautiful and it’s really fun. People don’t recognize it yet, but the aesthetics are so important. In the end, the response that you’re getting when you show this level of dedication to all aspects of your project is entirely different.

From our desk to yours

We developed Design Kit for our application consulting team to address a recurring problem—every application we wrote contained similar code-intensive formatting constructs and CSS overrides. There had to be a better way.

So, we consolidated our efforts toward architecting a next-generation, reusable design framework. We designed simplified layouts. We created enterprise-friendly sidebars and headers. We added a theme editor to unify the look and feel. And it all paid off. Apps that used to weigh in at 2,000 lines became pixel-perfect in just 200.

With Design Kit,

you can easily:

Experiment with different layouts and iteratively modify your apps
Include customizable controls, headers and navigational elements
Add annotations and highlight KPIs
Apply custom colors and styles
Create fully responsive, mobile-friendly apps

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