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Create, style and publish interactive web-ready charts
No coding required

Enhance your readers’ experience with compelling visualizations

Design, create, and deploy publication-quality, interactive visualizations with Chart Studio — all without writing any code.

Import Data
Compose Interactive Charts
Modernize your Workflow
Design and Style

Import Data

Drag and drop, import, connect to SQL

Compose Interactive Charts

Use Chart Studio’s sophisticated editor to compose publication-quality figures without code. Enhance the user experience by integrating interactive elements in your charts like sliders, drop-downs, and more.

Modernize your Workflow

Chart Studio integrates with and enhances your team’s workflow with the option to publish a printed static version, or interactively online.

Design and Style

Change colors, modify styles and make it uniquely yours. Chart Studio editor makes it simple to apply your brand style or personal design preferences  to match any publication.

Collaborate with your team

You can easily incorporate Chart Studio into your existing workflow, allowing  your team to create beautiful and interactive publication-ready charts using consistent themes and templates. With direct sharing of charts, data, and even custom design themes, Chart Studio increases your team’s workflow and productivity.  

  • Select privacy settings to give edit or viewing privileges
  • Develop custom style themes for consistent design or brand look

Integrate with your existing workflow

When you’re ready to go, quickly export or embed static or fully interactive charts, graphs and dashboards wherever you’d like. When you save a plot in Chart Studio, it creates an interactive shareable web view of your plot.

  • Export static image files to incorporate in reports or papers
  • Export HTML file
  • Embed charts and dashboards in webpages

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Search more than 1 million charts on Plotly’s feed for inspiration and ready-to-use templates.

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