Plotly Careers

About the company

Plotly is a technical computing company with offices in Montréal, Canada and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Profitable and with more than $12M in VC and government funding, we are transforming how scientists, engineers, and business analysts visualize data through precedent setting open-source software. Our work culture engenders skill-sharing, work-life balance, and open discussion.


Office life

Plotly's head offices are located in Montréal, Canada and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are constantly looking to expand our team with committed people.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Future of science

Plotly is headquartered in the research corridors of Montréal, Quebec and Cambridge, Massachusetts to nurture and hire the best talent in open-source, bioinformatics, and scientific programming.

Southern exposure

Our loft-style office boasts plenty of natural light, an open floor plan, and custom made standing and sitting desks, making it a place we are thrilled to work at. Aesthetics plays a large role in both our work as a data-viz company and in our working environment.

Open source

Plotly funds and contributes to a range of open-source projects. We encourage employees to do the same. Check out our work with matplotlib,, Handsontable, or ropensci. Fernando Perez, creator of IPython, is on Plotly's advisory board. Plotly's JavaScript charting library and core-technology is also open-source. Curious? See our GitHub page.

Small teams, global impact

Plotly is searching for bright, energetic and dedicated engineers, designers, and sales reps. People who are passionate about the areas where Plotly is seeking lasting impact.

We proudly support K-12 STEM education and outreach — over 80,000 teachers and students around the world have chosen Plotly as their data visualization tool of choice. We contribute to aesthetic intelligence and design in the sciences and statistics — our users have access to D3.js through our APIs for PythonRMATLABJulia, and our integrated web app. And we promote reproducibility in journalism and research — our innovative storage keeps charts with the data used to build them.