About Plotly

About the company

Plotly is a technical computing company headquartered in Montréal, Canada. With more than $6M in VC and government funding, we are transforming how scientists, engineers, and business analysts visualize data through precedent setting open-source software. Our work culture engenders skill-sharing, work-life balance, and open discussion.

Office life

Plotly's head office is located in Montréal, we have a satellite office in Boston, and a team of remote workers in NYC, Switzerland, Minnesota, and Delhi. We are constantly looking to expand our team with committed people.

Southern exposure

Our loft-style office boasts plenty of natural light, an open floor plan, and custom made standing and sitting desks, making it a place we are thrilled to work at. Aesthetics plays a large role in both our work as a data-viz company and in our working environment.

Open source

Plotly funds and contributes to a range of open-source projects. We encourage employees to do the same. Check out our work with matplotlib, stack.gl, Handsontable, or ropensci. Fernando Perez, creator of IPython, is on Plotly's advisory board. Plotly's JavaScript charting library and core-technology is also open-source. Curious? See our GitHub page.


Plotly is situated in Montréal's trendy Mile End. A bilingual neighborhood featuring a pedestrian lifestyle, endless cafes, patios, and parks. Our employees regularly take advantage of these spots when needing a change of pace, or when planning our weekly lunch club destinations.


We think a team should be balanced and collaborative. We think data tools should be democratized, friendly, and social. Our goal is to build a team we love to work with and a platform to transform the way people share and create data and graphs. Plotly’s free, best-in-class data tools are available and accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Small teams, global impact

Plotly is searching for bright, energetic and dedicated engineers, designers, and sales reps. People who are passionate about the areas where Plotly is seeking lasting impact.

We proudly support K-12 STEM education and outreach — over 80,000 teachers and students around the world have chosen Plotly as their data visualization tool of choice. We contribute to aesthetic intelligence and design in the sciences and statistics — our users have access to D3.js through our APIs for Python, R, MATLAB, Julia, and our integrated web app. And we promote reproducibility in journalism and research — our innovative storage keeps charts with the data used to build them.

Come work with us!

Interested in one of our available positions?

Please email jobs [at] plot [dot] ly with a link to a Plotly graph you've made and your CV.

Current openings

Full-timeOffice Manager (Montréal, Canada)
  • Plotly is in search of an office manager for the Plotly HQ located in beautiful Montréal, Canada.
  • Job requirements:
    • Maintains office services including cleaners, alarm company, renos, contractors
    • Manages relationships with vendors, service providers and landlord
    • Reception for visitors/package delivery/mail
    • Manages office keys and access for employees/contractors
    • Point person for maintenance (plants, coffee, sncaks), mailing, shipping, supplies, equipment, bills and errands
    • Aids in the planning and execution of company events (weekly team lunches, holiday party, meetups)
    • Sends mailers and schwag to Plotly users
    • Helps Operations Manager with onboarding new employees
    • Maintains a safe and secure working environment
Full-timeSenior devops and infrastructure engineer (Montréal, Canada)
  • Work with our team to plan infrastructure improvements related to our SaaS and On-Premise products, including moving more of our SaaS stack to Docker/Kubernetes/Helm
  • Design & Development of Dash On Premise (Docker, bash, Go)
  • Help with maintenance of existing SaaS and On-Premise products
  • Job requirements:
    • Extensive familiarity with the Linux command line
    • Comfortable with shell scripting (bash)
    • Has run Docker in a production or CI environment
    • Familiarity with cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, or similar)
  • Assets:
    • Familiarity with Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, PaaS services (Heroku or similar), CI tools like CircleCI
    • Development experience in Python and Go
    • Project leadership experience
Full-timeExperienced Javascript developer (Montréal, Canada)
  • Develop tools and products around the increasingly popular open-source Dash framework
  • Work with Apollo, GraphQL and React. Meta-program your heart out. Get dirty in the Dash Component toolchain
  • Build polished features into Plotly Cloud and help make data visualization accessible
  • Help maintain and support an eco-system of open-source projects built around the popular plotly.js data vis library
  • Job requirements:
    • Extensive experience developing data-driven applications in Javascript
    • Comfortable with JS build tooling and processes
  • Assets:
    • Experience with Python, React, CI and Vagrant
    • Familiarity with building and publishing JS modules
Full-timeScience Editor (Montréal, Canada)
  • Plotly is looking for a strong writer with Python proficiency to communicate the activities of its open-source community and developers. The audience will include Plotly's social media following, email subscribers, Medium followers, whitepaper readers, and grant reviewers. As editor, you will be a key interface and reviewer between Plotly's developer community and marketing. Success in this position will require:
  • Job requirements:
    • Proficiency in the Python programming language
    • Active following of Plotly's key content creators and product initiatives
    • Outreach to community content creators and open-source developers
    • Strong peer review ability
    • Grant writing experience
    • Photoshop and image editing skills
    • HTML and CSS skills
    • A scientific or engineering background
    • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • To apply for this position:
    • Please submit a piece technical writing. This could be a peer reviewed journal article, blog, or something created for this application. These posts may be helpful examples of successful comms at Plotly:
    • https://medium.com/@plotlygraphs/introducing-dash-5ecf7191b503
    • https://medium.com/@plotlygraphs/7-new-dash-apps-made-by-the-dash-community-196998112ce3
    • https://codeburst.io/notes-from-the-latest-plotly-js-release-b035a5b43e21
Full-timeReact Marketing Developer (Montréal, Canada)
  • Plotly is looking for a React developer to assist in optimization, A/B testing, internationalization, and general updates to our marketing and developer documentation pages (see plot.ly, help.plot.ly, and plot.ly/python for example). Success in this role will require:
  • Job requirements:
    • CSS + Markup expertise
    • Javascript expertise (ES6, React, etc)
    • Experience with css-in-js solutions such as Styled Components
    • Experience with a headless CMS such as Prismic
    • Experience with React SSR + static sites (such as with Next.js or Gatsby)
    • Experience with static page hosting with Next and GitHub pages
    • Experience with continuous integration tools like CircleCI
    • Experience with i18n and localization
  • To apply for this position:
    • Please include your portfolio along with somewhere we can read code that you have written.
Full-timePython and R Customer Success Engineer (Montréal, Canada)
  • Plotly is looking for a customer success engineer in Montréal who can assist with documentation, chat support, email support, and quality assurance for Plotly's science & engineering customer base. This position will report directly to Plotly's program manger. Success in this role will require:
  • Job requirements:
    • Experience with git and GitHub
    • Proficiency in R, Python, and Jupyter notebook
    • Strong written communication skills
    • Mastery of Plotly's online collaboration platform, plot.ly
  • To apply for this position:
    • To apply for this position, please submit one public link to one plot.ly chart and one plot.ly dashboard