App Manager

A modern platform for deploying and managing Dash applications

Build. Test. Deploy.

Trusted by the world's leading companies, App Manager enables data science teams to securely manage, deploy, and share beautiful analytic apps.

Do more with Dash

  • Enable individuals and teams throughout the organization with discoverable analytic apps
  • Install on-premises or in the cloud
  • Quickly iterate and deploy updates to applications to respond quickly to changing business demands
  • Continuously update apps with the latest data (real-time or scheduled updates)
  • Configurable caching database (Redis & Postgres)
  • Step out of the line and deploy without the need for DevOps
  • Built-in security features and optional authentication via Kerberos, LDAP and SAML

All your apps in the right place

The App Manager portal enables you to organize, access and share your Dash apps from a single view. Multiple Dash environments for development, QA/test, and production can be used to maintain and manage separate versions of your apps in the development cycle.

Teams can easily collaborate and iterate on apps in multiple apps. App Manager is designed to run multiple Dash apps on the same server. Once your IT department has installed App Manager, you and your team can upload and share as many apps as you want with as many end-users as necessary

Deploy & Share

on your schedule

As a modern workflow for deploying and managing Dash applications, App Manager empowers everyone to share their work with colleagues and clients in a standard, well-documented, reproducible way—no DevOps or IT required.

With Dash, you can work on your application on your desktop and then periodically sync your code with the server. Pushing updates is dead-simple with just a ‘git push.’

App Manager automatically installs and upgrades your app's Python and system-level dependencies. Since each Dash app is automatically run in a secure, isolated container, you don't have to worry about conflicting dependencies.

Safe & Secure

Each Dash app will have a unique URL path that you can configure, allowing you to easily and securely share apps with colleagues or clients. App Manager maintains the complex URL routing and HTTPS that's required when running multiple apps on a single server.

  • Easily secure your apps with LDAP, AD or SAML login with no extra coding required 
  • Directly manage database credentials
  • Automatically apply HTTPS via a simple interface for IT to generate self-signed SSL certificates or upload your own certificates

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