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Ultimate Control of your Data

Plotly On-Premise is the behind-the-firewall version of Plotly Cloud. It's perfect for data science teams using Python, R, MATLAB, Tableau, and Excel to securely share beautiful reports and analysis with the company at large.



Hosted behind your firewall or by Plotly on a private AWS cloud

Plotly On-Premise comes with everything in Plotly Cloud, but also allows LDAP integration, white labeling, hosting and publishing Dash apps, and behind the firewall security.
Unlimited public files
Unlimited private files
Community Support
Online chart creation & sharing
Excel, CSV, and xml upload
APIs (Python, R, MATLAB, Julia)
ggplot2, matplotlib, MATLAB chart conversion
Add / remove team members
Vector export (pdf, svg, eps)
Save custom themes
Centralized billing
HDF5, SAS, SPSS, MSAccess, zip file upload
Searchable company graph feed
LDAP, SAML, & Active Directory
Behind-the-firewall security
Configure default chart colors and fonts

Start a free 14 day trial of Plotly On-Premise

Make sure you have a server ready

A Linux OS. We recommend CentOS 6 or 7, or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
16 GB or more of RAM
2 TB or more of disk space