, zmin=None, zmax=None, origin=None, color_continuous_scale=None, color_continuous_midpoint=None, range_color=None, title=None, template=None, width=None, height=None)

Display an image, i.e. data on a 2D regular raster.

  • img (array-like image) –

    The image data. Supported array shapes are

    • (M, N): an image with scalar data. The data is visualized using a colormap.

    • (M, N, 3): an image with RGB values.

    • (M, N, 4): an image with RGBA values, i.e. including transparency.

  • zmax (zmin,) – zmin and zmax define the scalar range that the colormap covers. By default, zmin and zmax correspond to the min and max values of the datatype for integer datatypes (ie [0-255] for uint8 images, [0, 65535] for uint16 images, etc.). For a multichannel image of floats, the max of the image is computed and zmax is the smallest power of 256 (1, 255, 65535) greater than this max value, with a 5% tolerance. For a single-channel image, the max of the image is used.

  • origin (str, 'upper' or 'lower' (default 'upper')) – position of the [0, 0] pixel of the image array, in the upper left or lower left corner. The convention ‘upper’ is typically used for matrices and images.

  • color_continuous_scale (str or list of str) – colormap used to map scalar data to colors (for a 2D image). This parameter is not used for RGB or RGBA images. If a string is provided, it should be the name of a known color scale, and if a list is provided, it should be a list of CSS- compatible colors.

  • color_continuous_midpoint (number) – If set, computes the bounds of the continuous color scale to have the desired midpoint.

  • range_color (list of two numbers) – If provided, overrides auto-scaling on the continuous color scale, including overriding color_continuous_midpoint. Also overrides zmin and zmax. Used only for single-channel images.

  • title (str) – The figure title.

  • template (str or dict or plotly.graph_objects.layout.Template instance) – The figure template name or definition.

  • width (number) – The figure width in pixels.

  • height (number) – The figure height in pixels, defaults to 600.



Return type

graph_objects.Figure containing the displayed image


In order to update and customize the returned figure, use go.Figure.update_traces or go.Figure.update_layout.