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Plotly R Library

Plotly for R is an interactive, browser-based charting library built on the open source javascript graphing library, plotly.js. It works entirely locally, through the HTML widgets framework.
d <- diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), 1000), ]
plot_ly(d, x = ~carat, y = ~price, color = ~carat,
        size = ~carat, text = ~paste("Clarity: ", clarity))

Plotly graphs are interactive. Click-drag to zoom, shift-click to pan, double-click to autoscale.

Know and love ggplot2? Try ggplotly

p <- ggplot(data = d, aes(x = carat, y = price)) +
  geom_point(aes(text = paste("Clarity:", clarity))) +
  geom_smooth(aes(colour = cut, fill = cut)) + facet_wrap(~ cut)


3D WebGL and more

Although data frames can be thought of as the central object in this package, plotly visualizations don't actually require a data frame. This makes chart types that accept a z argument especially easy to use if you have a numeric matrix:

plot_ly(z = ~volcano, type = "surface")
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Add Custom Controls with JavaScript

All Plotly charts have click, hover and zoom events exposed to add custom controls with Plotly's JavaScript postMessage API.

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