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Why choose Plotly.js instead of Highcharts?

The world’s most ambitious companies in engineering, CPG, finance, and energy are using Plotly.js for their dashboards, online products, and internal tools.

100% Free and Open-Source, Forever (MIT license)

Plotly.js is 100% Free and open-source. Licensed under the MIT open-source license, any company in the world can download Plotly.js and use it for their products or internal tools without restriction. Its all out there and free. Read about our decision to go open-source.

Statistical and engineering charts

Histograms, error bars, box plots, and 3d surface plots. Plotly.js is the only JavaScript charting library bringing science and engineering visualization to your browser.

Performance: Using WebGL for the Fastest Load Times with the Most Points

Plotly.js WebGL charts with 1 million points load 1.6x faster than the same Highcharts graph, even with the Highcharts “booster” library. We’ve optimized everything from min-max decimation to numerical type checking. The Plotly.js WebGL backend uses your computer’s graphics card to bypass CPU and memory limitations in SVG or Canvas graphics backends.

Note: The above comparisons use the total rendering time as the benchmark. Highcharts uses an async renderer as an optional paid add-on, which makes a few points appear on the graph in 0.2 seconds, whereas plotly.js plots everything at once. Full discussion.

D3.js and Stand on the shoulders of Giants

Plotly.js’s SVG backend uses D3.js, the gold standard of SVG graphics for the Web. D3.js is challenging to learn however and time-consuming for even JavaScript experts. With Plotly.js now even a JavaScript beginner can create performance optimized, insanely complex D3.js charts in minutes.

High-performance 3D

Scientific-grade, 3D charts that even a JavaScript beginner can make.
Plotly uses for unparalleled interactive performance.

Share with Plotly’s online community

Plotly.js charts can be easily published, saved, and shared on Plotly’s cloud for free. Save your Plotly.js chart creations with simple URL chart links, translate your charts to different languages, and get stars and feedback from the Plotly community.

What people are saying

Also in this version we replaced the HighCharts charting library with's library, as the former wasn't open source.

A Plotly sales engineer will answer any questions, walk you through a demo, and support a trial deployment.