Plotly React Component Suite for

Modern Charting & Data Visualization on the Web

Build visualization rich applications with React components that leverage the web's fastest growing charting library - Plotly.js.

Custom React Components

We've assisted dozens of F1000 companies with advanced data visualization, custom React components, and overhauling reporting infrastructure. Plotly's own data visualization products - including Dash, Chart Studio, and static dashboards - are built with React, so you'll be leveraging years of successful, bleeding-edge product experience by working with us.


npm install react-plotly.js

Use react-plotly.js to embed D3 charts in your web application. This React component takes the chart type, data, and styling as Plotly JSON in its data and layout props, then draws the chart using Plotly.js. Plotly.js is the only scientific and engineering charting library for JavaScript - see the Plotly.js docs for all of the chart types available with this React component.


npm install react-chart-editor

react-chart-editor is an open-source React component for creating, editing, styling, and exporting D3 charts. Plotly uses the same React component in our Chart Studio product. 


npm install react-pivottable

Add a Tableau-style, drag-and-drop pivot table to your web apps with this React component. Track the roadmap on GItHub.


npm install react-colorscales

Add a colorscale picker UI to your web app. ColorBrewer, cmocean, cubehelix, and logarithmic colorscales available. This React component is also available as a Dash component for Python users.